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School Announces $100 Million Gift from Henry Kravis ’63

The school has announced a gift of $100 million from Henry R. Kravis ’63, co-founder and co-executive chairman of KKR, a leading global investment firm. The gift to the school’s endowment is the largest single gift ever made to Loomis Chaffee and one of the largest made to an independent school.

“I’m a strong believer in the positive impact a world-class education can have on a person, especially during the formative high school years. Loomis Chaffee taught me how to appreciate different perspectives, and it ultimately made me a lifelong student of the world,” Henry said. “Marie-Josée and I are delighted to continue our support and help others benefit from the great education this wonderful institution provides.”

“I am humbled by the extraordinary generosity of Henry and his wife, Marie-Josée, and so grateful for their unmatched long-standing commitment to Loomis Chaffee,” said Head of School Sheila Culbert. “This amazing gift reflects their dedication to fostering a culture of academic distinction and supports our Founders’ original commitment to access and opportunity.”

The gift will be distributed among three funds:

The Henry R. Kravis ’63 Opportunity Initiative Scholars Fund: $50 million

Addressing the school’s long-term commitment to accessibility, this fund will support students with significant demonstrated financial need and will increase the percentage of students on financial aid. In addition, it will fund the cost of books, computers, and some of the other extras that make a significant difference in a student’s educational experience.

The Sheila A. Culbert Fund for Faculty and Staff Support: $20 million

The quality of a Loomis education depends directly on the quality of the faculty and staff. Competitive compensation is crucial to attracting the very best people to the school. This fund will allow the Trustees and administration to continue prioritizing salaries for faculty and staff.

The Henry R. Kravis ’63 Fund for Institutional Priorities: $30 million

Offering versatility and choice, this fund will provide the school with the flexibility to invest in important educational initiatives and will have a positive impact on the lives of our students and faculty for years to come.

In addition to this generous gift, Henry will continue to fund the existing Kravis Scholars Program with an additional commitment of $5 million over the next five years. Originally established in 1989, the program enrolls students from underrepresented demographic and socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds with an emphasis on students who live outside of the New York City area. This year the school has 11 Kravis Scholars, who receive the financial support needed for all aspects of their Loomis education, including summer enrichment and travel abroad. Kravis Scholars also benefit from the guidance and mentorship of the director of the Kravis Scholars Program.

Finally, in recognition of Henry’s extraordinary generosity to Loomis, the Trustees of Loomis Chaffee will name an award in his honor. The school will present the Henry R. Kravis ’63 Award for Distinguished Service each spring to a member of the alumni, faculty, or staff who has given selflessly to advance the mission of Loomis Chaffee through outstanding service and dedicated commitment to the institution.

Henry has long been a generous and sustaining supporter of the school. Through his generosity, in addition to the Kravis Scholars Program, Loomis has built a dormitory, Kravis Hall, established the Henry R. Kravis ’63 Center for Excellence in Teaching, and named the Henry R. Kravis ’63 Instructorship in Economics in honor of his former economics teacher, James “Grim” Wilson, whom he credits for his interest in business as a career.

As the school’s Commencement Speaker in 2015, Henry shared the following: “This school, more than any other, has shaped who I am today both personally and professionally. Not only did the school provide me with a good education, but it also taught me about commitment, perseverance, optimism, and altruism — the very values on which this school was built.”

“Marie-Josée and Henry’s philanthropic support of Loomis is without precedent in our community and historic for a boarding school,” said Duncan A.L. MacLean ’90, chair of the Loomis Chaffee Board of Trustees. “Their generosity embodies our Founders’ vision by endowing future generations with the gift of a Loomis education. Their leadership and demonstration of what it means to be one’s best self and serve the common good is an inspiration to us all.”



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