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Spring Dance Revue Showcases Variety of Styles 

The Spring Dance Revue will showcase Loomis Chaffee dancers and choreographers in a variety of styles Thursday through Sunday, May 11–13, at 7:30 each night in the Norris Ely Orchard Theater of the Nichols Center for Theater & Dance.  

The show offers a diverse collection of choreography by faculty and students in a range of styles, including jazz, contemporary, ballet, hip hop, Flamenco, traditional Indian dance (Bharatnatyam), and step dance. Some of the dances were developed during term or year-long classes, including the daytime classes Dance Ensemble and Making Dance: Composition & Choreography and the after-school activities Dance Company, Winter Hip Hop Dance, and Spring Jazz Dance. 

Loomis Chaffee Dance Director Kate Loughlin leads the production of the show. Sophomore Natalie Poole is the associate lighting director, junior Cameron Rogers is the stage manager, and junior Jamnia Ai is the sound operator. The lighting director is Tate Burmeister.  

Dance Revue 2023

Performing Groups 

Dance Company 

Claire Cen ‘26, Hana Elmousely ‘23, Madison Hua ‘23, Ella Kahn ‘26, Julie Kang ‘23, Madison Oh ‘23, Chloe Pendergrass ‘24, Sophia Prendergast ‘23, Anna Roth ‘23, Penelope Struthers ‘25 

Dance Ensemble Class 

Izzy Broegger ‘26, Princess Davenport ‘23, Hannah Smith ‘25 

Making Dance: Composition & Choreography Class 

Rachael Budd ‘25, Madison Hua ‘23, Chloe Pendergrass ‘24 

Spring Jazz Class 

Eugenie Kim ‘25, Emma Korn ‘24, Taylor Labrie ‘23, Simone Link-Staenberg ‘26, Riley Ostroff ‘25, Nandini Ramanathan ‘23, Mina Ruffle ‘24, Z Santilli ‘23, Anusha Satheesh ‘23, Gracie Chen ‘26, Hannah Smith ‘25, Sam Wellbeck ‘09 

LC Step Team 

Jazmyne Ahipeaud ‘24, Mariam Ali ‘26, Kayla Anderson ‘24, Inari Barrett ‘23, Legare Charney ‘25, Aster Conway-Reppert ‘26, Sophie Daileader ‘26, Delaney Denno ‘23, Seya Henzell ‘26,  Jaleen Kairys ‘24, Mercuri Lam ’24, Destiny Pond ‘24, Eli Somberg ’26, Kwame Tuva ‘24, Jaden Williams ‘26  

Additional Performer 

Farrah Kanorwalla ‘25 


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