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Weigel Terrace Honors Former Head of School 

Russell Weigel was quick to point to the work of many. He was the one being honored on Saturday, April 27, but he knew he never stood alone on the Island. 

The Weigel Terrace, located off The Way and in front of the east entrance to the Athletics Center, was dedicated on Saturday in honor of Russ, head of school from 1996 to 2008. He spoke of his admiration for those who surrounded him during his tenure: “all in all, an impressive confluence of talent and devotion.” And he expressed affection for all who came out on this day. “I share with you all this moment of recognition and beautiful space,” he said. 

The dedication plaque reads, “Committed to advancing the mission of Loomis Chaffee, Russ Weigel led with warmth, good judgment, and a devotion to the ideals of the Founders. Under his leadership, the school successfully completed its first comprehensive capital campaign, the endowment grew significantly, new facilities opened and existing facilities were enhanced, and the school’s academic and extracurricular programs and reputation continued to flourish.” 

Unveiling the Weigel Terrace plaque

Sheila Culbert, who succeeded Russell Weigel, thanked Russ and his wife Jane for being “so gracious when I was making the transition to become head of school."

Joining Russ and his wife, Jane, were family members, friends, and current and former Trustees, including Joel Alvord ‘56, John Bussel ‘87, Blanche Savin Goldenberg ‘70, Sarah Lutz ‘85, Chris Norton ‘76, Peter Seigle ‘65, and Harvey Struthers ‘60. Blanche and Chris, both of whom served as chairs of the Board of Trustees during Russ’ tenure, spoke as part of the dedication ceremony, praising Russ for his leadership of the school and devotion to excellence. They also thanked Russ and Jane for fostering a warm and welcoming community on the Island. 

Sheila Culbert, who succeeded Russ, thanked Russ and Jane for being “so gracious when I was making the transition to become head of school. Russ met with me regularly and gave me great advice about the issues I would face and all the things I needed to be sure I covered. And it was such a pleasure to meet Jane. They both had great tips for Richard [Sheila’s husband] and myself." 

Russ came to Loomis Chaffee from Amherst College, where he had served for nearly three decades as a professor of psychology, dean of incoming students, and as coach of the varsity ski team. His father, Russ Weigel Sr., was a 1933 graduate of Loomis.  

The dedication was followed by a luncheon at the Head’s House. 

The Weigel dedication plaque


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