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Whether You Are Throwing or Dodging Paint, the Color Run Is Fun 

It’s Friday, May 19. The end of the school year is near, and one of the most colorful events on the calendar has arrived. 

The Color Run is the Pelican Service Organization's (PSO) signature event. It’s not every day that you can throw paint at people and get away with it. The messier the better for some students as the clouds of paint filled the air to say nothing of the T-shirts and faces of the runners. Some tried to dodge the paint, others went right into it. After all, it is the Color Run.  

Color Run 2023 near finish line

“It always has the largest turnout because students are enthusiastic to have fun and support a good cause,” senior Ella Xue said on behalf of the other PSO leaders, Anika Ahilan, Tiger Cao, and Will Howley. “It's an annual community event at the end of the year that sees faculty and their children run alongside varsity athletes and students of all ages. And the best part is, everyone has a ton of fun, whether they're the ones throwing paint or dodging it.” 

T-shirts were sold during the week with proceeds going to Our Companions, an animal rescue and sanctuary in Manchester, Conn.  

The PSO presidents and officers chose Our Companions because it is a local organization that provides a place of care and recovery for cats, dogs, and other animals, Ella said. “We hope our contribution can help support their valuable work and provide more animals with a better future.” 


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