Weekends on the Island

Weekend time at Loomis is less structured than during the week, allowing students time to unwind, socialize, pursue recreational activities, and to catch up on academic work as necessary.

There are many options available to students for recreation and entertainment. Many choose to stay fit and enjoy open hours at the ice rink, pool, fitness center, pick-up games in the gym, and recreational activities like an occasional dodge-ball tournament.

Entertainment options include sporting events, cultural celebrations, student and professional performances, talent shows, dances, game nights, and club activities. Each Friday, the Weekend Bulletin has a listing of available off-campus excursions to local shopping, popular restaurants, cinemas, climbing walls, and occasional travel to New York City — all organized by the Student Activities faculty.

Relax, play, and have fun!

“Loomis Chaffee students are expected to work hard, so the student-run StuActs group aims to make sure that there's always something to look forward to at the end of the week. Whether it's laser tag in the gym, a van to see the latest Marvel movie, or a chill night with retro games and grilled cheese in the campus center, we'll find something to help our community unwind.”




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