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International Student Experience

Loomis is a truly global community and is home to students from all around the world.

Recognizing the challenge of studying abroad, we seek to help acclimate our international students not only to the United States, but also to the Loomis community. Our international students gain an education at one of the top secondary schools in the United States, and our domestic students benefit from the presence of classmates from around the world. A class discussion, dorm meeting, or team practice can be transformed when students from different backgrounds share their perspectives and exchange stories from home.

Cultural Outburst

Cultural Outburst — Students enjoy this annual celebration with food, music, and dance.

Some of the special events and programs for our international students:

  • The International Student Ambassador program provides avenues for student leadership on campus. Selected students help with fall orientation and also play an integral role in planning and implementing international events on campus and updating our blog throughout the academic year. 
  • Cultural Outburst is a hugely popular annual event at which students create booths representing their country/culture and entertain peers with traditional food, activities, and performances ranging from Latin dancing to sushi making to drawing Henna tattoos.
  • International student dinners and cultural celebrations allow students to gather informally to enjoy a hearty meal and share some of their traditions with their peers.
  • Local outings to Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Japanese and Korean restaurants and shopping trips to the Asian Market give students a taste of home away from home.
  • Homestays with local families when students are unable to travel home for a long weekend or vacation allow international students to connect with other members in the Loomis community and to experience American cultures and holidays first-hand.