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Meet the Dorm Heads

Our dorms are very special places; each one houses faculty members (and their families) who will become a part of your life, as well as students from all over the world. You will quickly be caught up in fun dorm events, ranging from dorm Olympics to birthday parties. Welcome to your home away from home!

Jaci Cardwell

Ammidon Hall | Jaci Cardwell

Girls Dorm

Mrs. Cardwell has served as Head of Ammidon Hall since 2019 and has lived at Loomis since 2014 with her husband, Marc, who teaches Spanish. They have three children.

“My favorite part of dorm life is seeing all of the connections being made. I love dorm events and finding activities, food, or conversations that can bring a whole community together. I love the idea of creating a home away from home, and I aim to help create an environment that is welcoming, open, and centered on kindness.”


Jackson Fleming

Batchelder Hall | Courtney Jackson

Boys Dorm

Ms. Jackson, who previously served as head of Howe Hall, teaches English, is the assistant varsity girls soccer and basketball coach, works with SPECTRUM, and serves as an associate dean of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

“When my girlfriend Laura and I moved to Loomis, we were excited to join such a warm and welcoming school community but living on campus exceeded our expectations. We didn't just feel accepted, we felt embraced, which made our move from Boston to Windsor that much easier.”


Linda Hathorn

Carter Hall | Linda Hathorn

Boys Dorm

Mrs. Hathorn lives in Carter Hall with her husband, Don; their daughter, Freya; and their gentle-giant Newfoundland dog, Otso. She is an associate dean of students and head coach of the varsity girls soccer team.

“The culture of Carter Hall is one of respect, inclusivity, support, and, of course, fun! My aim is to ensure each student feels at home in the dorm, to make it a place they feel appreciated and valued for who they are and the unique qualities and traits they bring to both the Carter community and the Loomis community at large. I look forward to continuing to support this diverse group of students as they learn to live independently, develop strong relationships with their peers, and become leaders within their communities.”


Lillian Corman

Cutler Hall | Lillian Corman

Girls Dorm

Ms. Corman teaches Spanish and is the associate director of the Norton Family Center for the Common Good. She was the dorm head in Longman Hall for two years before taking over as head of Cutler Hall.

“I want to instill a strong sense of community in the girls who live here. I want Cutler to be a safe space for the girls to feel at home and comfortable in our space. At the same time, I think it’s important that they feel fulfilled by the time they spend in the dorm and that they learn something both about themselves and others along the way.”


Elliott Dial

Flagg Hall | Michaela Chipman

Girls Dorm/All-Gender Housing Option

Ms. Chipman teaches in the English department, coaches JV field hockey, and is part of the team of faculty who work with students in the Chaffee Leadership Institute. 

“I am proud that Flagg is a space where students' authentic selves are nurtured and celebrated. I am focused on curating an environment where every resident is supported by faculty and peers alike as they pursue their passions. As dorm head, I intend to continue to cultivate the sense of family and belonging that is a longstanding part of the Flagg tradition.”


Caitie Cotton

Harman Hall | Caitie Cotton

Boys Dorm

Ms. Cotton teaches history and philosophy and coaches girls basketball. She helps to teach healthy relationships curriculum through the Norton Center and lives in Harman Hall with her two dogs, Stevie and Leonard. Before joining the Loomis Chaffee community, Ms. Cotton lived in dormitories for eight years and served as a dorm head for four years in an upperclassman girls dorm. 

“I’m excited to work with our youngest of students. Throughout my work at Loomis and elsewhere, I have been committed to DEI and healthy relationships work. The earlier we can start these conversations with our students, the more we can strengthen the foundation for continued growth in our school culture in regard to these topics. I’m excited to help – along with our other dorm faculty and prefects – make Harman a home away from home for our students and to be a place that is safe, fun, and supportive for them!”


Lauren Williams

Howe Hall | Lauren Williams 

Girls Dorm

Ms. Williams joined the Loomis Chaffee Community in 2016. She served as a dorm resident for six years before becoming head of Howe Hall. She teaches in the History, Philosophy & Religious Studies Department and is the head coach of varsity field hockey, girls squash, and girls tennis programs. 

“Howe Hall has a long tradition of being an inclusive and welcoming residence. With the wealth of experience of our dorm faculty, I am excited to continue Howe's culture of respectful community and welcoming environment. Our goal is to create a harmonious living space that our residents can call home, and in which they can form positive relationships with their peers.”


Linda Hathorn

Kravis Hall | John Cunningham

Boys Dorm

Mr. Cunningham arrived on the Island in 2017 as the school’s sports information director and an in-dorm affiliate in Warham Hall before taking over as head of Kravis Hall. He is associate head coach for the varsity boys lacrosse team and assistant coach of the varsity boys ice hockey team.

“We have an incredible dorm staff with different backgrounds and a group of kids who work hard to make sure that Kravis feels like one big home for everyone. You could be a new freshman or a three-year veteran at the school and want to live in Kravis for the exact same reason, because you know how much fun it can be!”


Skyler Dovi

Longman Hall | Skyler Dovi ’17

Girls Dorm

Ms. Dovi, a graduate of Loomis Chaffee, teaches psychology and coaches with both the girls track & field and soccer programs. 

“My hope for Longman is to foster a tight-knit community where the girls feel like family. My goal is to create a living environment that allows residents to learn something new about themselves, become leaders, and create connections. Outside of self-development, I aim to bring a sense of fun into the dorm.”


Liz Bucceri

Palmer Hall | Liz Bucceri ’07

Girls Dorm

Ms. Bucceri is a math and science teacher and is an assistant coach of girls swimming, girls water polo, and boys water polo. 

“We are one big family in Palmer. We have a slightly smaller dorm and a great common room, which allows for a lot of time where the entire dorm can all be in the same room. In my first year as dorm head, we started a Palmer House Cup Challenge. Every girl is put on a team that is led by a resident assistant, and there are monthly competitions throughout the year that earn the team points. We do things like a campus-wide scavenger hunt, Halloween costume contest, gingerbread house decorating contest, MarioKart tournament, puzzle contest, trivia night, and other silly challenges. At the end of the year, we finish things with a dorm Olympics and celebrate our winning team.”


Bob DeConinck

Richmond Hall | Bob DeConinck

Girls Dorm

Mr. DeConinck, who has worked at Loomis for many years, has served as head of Richmond Hall since 2018. He is associate director of studies, a chemistry teacher, and head coach of the girls swimming and diving team. He lives in Richmond with his wife, Ginny, who is the standardized testing coordinator. Mr. and Mrs. DeConinck's two sons are Loomis graduates.

“Loomis is a busy place with all the stresses associated with any high school. Our hope is that once a girl walks through the doors of Richmond, she feels a bit more at ease and relaxed. There are adults, junior prefects, and other classmates there to lean on and to enjoy the company of. The school day does not end when a student leaves the classroom as the growth of a Loomis Chaffee student continues in the residence halls.”


Ned Heckman

Taylor Hall | Ned Heckman

Boys Dorm

Mr. Heckman joined the Science Department in 2019. He teaches a range of science courses, including Biology, Genetics, and Environmental Science. Mr. Heckman also co-facilitates the LGBTQIA+ affinity group on campus in addition to coaching ultimate frisbee. Mr. Heckman lives in Taylor Hall with his husband, Ryan, and two cats. 

“My primary goal is to make Taylor Hall a home for the guys who live there, a community within a community. We value honesty and camaraderie as we build that community. And fun – fun is important, too!”


Donnie McKillop

Warham Hall | Donnie McKillop

Boys Dorm

Mr. McKillop is the assistant athletic director, head varsity baseball coach, and assistant football coach. He lives in Warham with his wife, Katy, and their four children.

“In Warham our boys learn how to live in a positive community. Our R.A.’s (resident assistants) are vital to setting the culture and tone of the dorm, and we want it to feel like a family home. Our staff believes in helping students learn how to build and contribute to an inclusive community that people want to be a part of. It tends to be a lighthearted and an enjoyable place to live. The guidelines of the dorm definitely help young men learn how to prioritize their time while also still feeling like a comfortable home to relax in and enjoy time with peers.”