Student Life at Loomis Chaffee

The sophomore class gathers at Camp Becket for their annual two-day Sophomore Retreat!

Student Life at a Glance

Loomis students are smart, motivated, curious, and want to make a difference in the world. They are also welcoming, supportive, involved, and a lot of fun to be around. The result is a vibrant community that our students consistently praise as one of the defining characteristics of their Loomis Chaffee experience ― a community where individuality thrives and life-long friendships are forged. 

From breakfast in the Scanlan Campus Center to snacks in the SNUG (snack bar), from after-class club meetings to athletics and community service, from weekend activities to late night conversations in the dorms, you will be engaged in life on the Island in countless ways. Whether you live on campus or in a nearby town, you will find life at Loomis full of opportunities to get involved and have fun!



Make Memories and Lifelong Friends

At Loomis you will quickly find people with whom you just “click.” The diversity of our student body just about guarantees it.



Define Your Time at Loomis

By the very nature of life on campus, you will spend more time out of the class than in it. Those moments, more than any others, will define your time a Loomis.



Find Your Purpose

At Loomis you will find the space to be an individual, to discover who you are, and to meet new challenges head on. Are you ready to find your purpose at Loomis?

“I chose Loomis because of its emphasis on community engagement. Everyone is super involved and that’s something I was definitely looking for.”


Students playing foosball in the Scanlan Campus Center
Student decorating her dorm room at Loomis Chaffee
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