At Loomis, the dining hall is a place to gather with friends for great food and good conversation. Our food service provide creates menus inspired by our community, with options ranging from lentil tomato garam masala soup, vegetable empanadas, jambalaya, and Middle Eastern falafel to Thai BBQ chicken pizza, herb roast pork loin, stuffed portobello mushrooms, beef & chorizo chili, and of course chicken nuggets. Salad and sandwich bars, and panini, pasta, pizza, and Asian stir fry stations are also available as well as gluten-free and vegetarian options, an ice cream machine, and various other snacks to grab on the go.

If you have dietary restrictions, we offers dietary accommodations based on religious situations or specific food allergies. Our Food Service Director is available to review weekly menus and introduce substitutes to accommodate these situations. See our Weekly Menu.

Dining FAQs