Health & Wellness

The health and safety of our students are among Loomis’ highest priorities. The Gwendolen Health Center, Counseling Department, and Sports Medicine Program work together to provide our students the best possible care, and together with the Deans of Students office also promote wellness through campus-wide and in-dorm programming.

Gwendolen Health Center

The Gwendolen Health Center plays a pivotal role in Loomis’ health and wellness efforts. Located in Richmond Hall, the Health Center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, while school is in session. The facility includes two examination rooms, 12 patient beds, a conference room for confidential meetings, and a fully operational kitchen to prepare food for students who are ill. In addition to treating students on campus, the Health Center can refer boarding students to physicians in the Greater Hartford area as needed.


The Counseling Department offers professional, therapeutic services to students and fosters the emotional health and well-being of the Loomis community. The department provides individual and group counseling, psycho-educational programs, training workshops, and consultation services for community members. Counseling oversees the Peer Counseling program, and counselors are members of several interdisciplinary committees that focus on student life. The counseling staff includes three licensed clinical social workers, a professional counselor, and a consulting psychiatrist. Counselors are available during regular school hours and provide emergency services 24 hours a day when school is in session.

Sports Medicine

The Sports Medicine Program combines a professional staff, the school physician, and the school’s Health Center personnel to provide services for the prevention, recognition, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports-related injuries. The program offers students state-of-the-art rehabilitation facilities that include two fitness weight rooms, a swimming pool, whirlpools, ultra sound and muscle stimulation, and ice and heat therapies. Learn more about our sports medicine program.