Summer Program Advantage

Realize . . . You! 

Have you ever really thought about who you are?

For many people it’s almost impossible to come up with an answer because each new experience helps us to learn, grow, and discover more about our self, our abilities, and how what we do matters.

The fact is you are one of a kind. You are developing a collection of talents, dreams, and values that are truly your own, and the world needs you for who you are.

We believe in you. Pursue your passions and explore new interests in our enriching and fun academic, extracurricular, and social experiences. Our classes are small and engaging, and our community of bright and enthusiastic students from around the world is inclusive and welcoming. You will be known here, by your teachers and classmates alike, and accepted for who you are and who you aspire to be. You will also be invited to engage in all aspects of our program, empowering you to create an extraordinary summer experience.

And there is more! What makes the four-week Enrichment Program truly unique is our emphasis on self-exploration, character development, and helping you recognize your capacity to make a positive difference in your community. This is our Best Self Curriculum — intentional experiences and times of reflection designed to help you begin to discover the best version of yourself and inspire in you a commitment to serve and advance the common good.