How to Apply


Summer 2020 — Coming soon!

To receive up to date information on the 2020 Summer Program, please inquire.

Please Note: All application documents are confidential and intended solely for the Loomis Chaffee Summer Program Admissions Committee. Application materials may not be viewed by or returned to families at any time during or after the admissions process.

*If you are taking SSAT/SAT Test Prep as an independent class, please contact the Summer Program.

The Best Self Curriculum


Step 1: Application & Related Materials

Complete the following:

  • Online Application: The 2020 Summer Program application will be available soon.
  • Personal Statement: On your own, write an introductory essay in English. Please discuss your background, interests, activities and aspirations. Also discuss your reasons for attending the Summer Program, what you hope to accomplish this summer, and the positive impact you feel you can have on the Summer Program community.
  • Graded English Essay: Mail, email, or fax one graded essay or composition written in English from the current academic year that has been teacher-corrected and graded;
  • Non-Refundable Application Fee: Payment is one of the steps of the online application submission process;
    • 5-week Enrichment Program —Domestic Student: $60; International Student: $100
    • Two-week Immersion Program — Domestic Student: $25; International Student: $40

Applying to Loomis Chaffee for the academic year? Simply notify our office and we will obtain a copy of your application, recommendations, and transcripts from the Admissions Office. We will then send you an abbreviated Summer Program application.

Are you a current Loomis Chaffee student? Contact the LC Summer Program office to receive the Current Student Interest Form and we will take care of the rest!

Step 2: Recommendation Forms

The Summer Program requires three recommendations:

  • School Recommendation form along with your transcript and test scores
  • English Teacher Recommendation Form
  • Math Teacher Recommendation Form

These forms can be submitted online (instructions are available once you start your online application). If you are not able to submit the recommendation forms online, please contact the Summer Program Office.

Step 3: Confirmation

When you inquire, you will establish login credentials for the LC Admission Portal for the Summer Program. On this page, you will see an “Application Checklist”, which allows you to follow the progress of your application. You are always welcome to contact us to confirm the status of your application, but the checklist will be updated within one business day of the receipt of your documents.

International Students

Over the past six years, students from 22 different countries have enjoyed the Summer Program. We welcome your application and look forward to learning more about you.

(Please note: In order to fully enjoy the Summer Program, attendees must be proficient in the English language.)

To be considered for admission, please submit the following:

  • Application & Related Materials: Satisfy all requirements in the Application & Related Materials section;
  • Standardized Test: A TOEFL, TOEFL Jr., or SSAT score;
  • Application Fee: $100, drawn in U.S. funds. Payment is one of the steps of our online application submission process.

Due to postal delays and necessary travel arrangements, international students are encouraged to apply before April 1.

Visa Information

All enrolled international students must obtain a B-2 visa. Applicable information is available from the United States Department of State.

Health Forms and Immunization Records

All students must also complete an extensive health history and immunization form, which can be filled out online once a student is enrolled.

Upon acceptance into the Summer Program, you will receive detailed information on travel, visa requirements, medical insurance, and other necessary information.

Financial Aid

Families who wish to apply for need-based financial aid should email the Summer Program office at