Best Self Curriculum

The mission of The Loomis Chaffee School is to advance the development of students in mind, body, and spirit through rigorous academic programs, an inclusive community, and an emphasis on engaged citizenship. The school, as its Founders intended, seeks to inspire in its students a commitment to the best self and the common good.



The best self [curriculum] is not just about being the best you can be...but helping others be the best they can be too.

student from connecticut

The Best Self Curriculum (BSC) is woven into all aspects of your LCSP experience. It is organized around five themes: INCLUSION, IDENTITY, INTELLIGENCE, INTEGRITY, AND IMPACT. For five weeks, you are asked to be introspective about what it means to be your Best Self and to consider your capacity to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  Each week starts with a morning presentation on the weekly theme. Throughout the week, you reflect on your personal growth, participate in guided group activities, and enjoy experiential excursions.

Guiding you through your LCSP journey will be your ADVISOR who, along with your teachers, will get to know you quickly and help you make the most out of your Summer Program experience. SUMMER PROCTORS, students who have returned to participate in our Common Good Leadership Program, are peer mentors who are always happy answer questions or lend an ear.

Our experienced faculty will help you to develop STUDY SKILLS with a special focus on GOAL-SETTING, TRACKING ASSIGNMENTS, and TIME MANAGEMENT. And, our STUDY SMARTER, NOT HARDER presentation is a game-changer! Scott MacClintic, Loomis Chaffee’s Director of Innovation, teaches the neuroscience behind how your brain learns and offers a host of highly-effective study strategies that you can practice in preparation for your next school year.

Outside the classroom you will learn to express your ideas with competence and confidence by preparing and delivering a short ORAL PRESENTATION on a topic of your choice. You will also team up with friends and classmates for COLLABORATIVE GAMES, and embark on EXPERIENTIAL EXCURSIONS to New York City or Boston, local museums, hikes to points of interest, and more. And, the best of the LCSP community is always on display when we come together to share our talents and support our friends in the annual TALENT SHOW.