Common Good Leadership Program

This program is designed for students returning to the LCSP to continue their Best Self journey. Since we did not have students on campus in the summers of 2020 and 2021, the Common Good Leadership Program will return in the summer of 2023.


Worldwide, young people strive to lead within their school and local communities, but so few have been taught how.

Jim O'Donnell
Loomis Chaffee Summer Program Director


Transform your ideas into action in the Common Good Leadership (CGL) program! Deepen your understanding of your talents and passions, and experience opportunities to impact the LCSP and local communities. As an aspiring leader, you will return home prepared to partner with members of your community to identify problems worth solving and collaboratively develop solutions.

Prepare to make a difference:

  • LEARN: In the CGL enrichment course, learn how leaders identify problems worth solving and empower their teams to act. Develop a common definition of leadership and discuss, debate, and discern the capacities of effective leaders. (Participants must choose this course as one of their two afternoon electives in the Enrichment Program.)
  • REFLECT & SHARE: Written reflection on leadership experiences and sharing with cohort peers and mentors will be critical to the development of your Personal Leadership Philosophy.
  • REVISE: There are many ways to lead! Leaders invite feedback and iterate plans with the intention of developing and executing a shared vision. Try, share, invite feedback, and revise as you seek to discover your own authentic leadership style. Develop a Common Good Action Plan, so you are prepared to make an impact when you return home.
  • LEAD: Through learning and application, you will practice leadership in group activities in class, coordinate and plan an LCSP student event, and participate in a 4-week service-learning engagement at a local community organization wherein you will seek to understand the challenges and complexities of the organization and collaborate with representatives to develop solutions. 

Leadership development is a lifelong pursuit. The learning starts here in the LCSP… come back to “The Island” and prepare to make a difference! 

To enroll in the Common Good Leadership program, contact the Summer Program Office at

Summer Proctor Application

Boarding students in the CGL cohort can apply to be Summer Proctors. Applicants for this role will mentor peers in the dorm, assist with student activities planning, and emcee Morning Meetings.